A look at Jackson Heights Collisions in Advance of Pedestrian Town Hall

The way to reduce reckless driver behaviors like we just saw on 37th is meaningful enforcement.

     We looked at NYPD Collision Data for the time period December, 2015 to the present. There were 1,318 reported collisions in the zip code 11372. This is how the numbers break out: 

Number of People Injured                         327

Number of People Killed                                 4

 Number of Pedestrians Injured               120

Number of Pedestrians Killed                      3

Number of cyclist Injured                           87

Number of Cyclists Killed                              0

Number of Motorists Injured                   154

Number of Motorists Killed                           1

Note that a total of 38 collisions are unaccounted for. 

By clicking on each located collision you can see the NYPD reported contributing factor as well as any injury or fatality reported. We are dismayed to see that too often these contributing factors go unreported in reports filed when officers respond to the scene. This glaring misrepresentation of the cause of fatalities and injuries leaves our court system with an inability to properly prosecute those reckless drivers that are causing harm to residents. Of the 819 unspecified factors, how may are alcohol involved or failure to yield? Unless the NYPD does a better job of reporting on crashes, many victims will suffer without the support of a justice system that could and should be prosecuting reckless and dangerous drivers.