A Better Northern Boulevard

Queens needs a Better Northern Boulevard — from Queens Plaza to the city line.

Northern Boulevard is a dangerous barrier that divides our neighborhoods.  Cars speed and run red lights with impunity.   Ill-suited parking rules encourage double-parking, adding to the traffic chaos.  Shallow commercial lots with auto-oriented land uses turn the sidewalk into a driving or a parking lane.  Buses crawl along, weaving in and out of traffic every other block.  Oversized trucks use the street illegally, and turn without regard for the safety of pedestrians.   To the extent it works at all, the street is optimized for the convenience of drivers, rather than the safety of those who live, work, and shop in the area, or the children who cross it daily to reach schools and playgrounds.   Recently, this has taken an unbearable toll in injuries and loss of life.

Make Queens Safer urgently calls for a comprehensive redesign to transform Northern Boulevard from an obsolete highway into a livable and safe main street.  This will require a corridor approach, to enhance and protect intersecting and parallel streets as well.  We’re looking to partner with elected officials, individuals and community groups to make this transformation happen.   Please contact us at MakeQueensSafer@gmail.com.


We also support the Transportation Alternatives Better and Safer Queens Boulevard Campaign!

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