When “No-Brainer” might mean “No-Brains”


Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland is hosting this event at City Hall. While we’d hoped this neighborhood issue could be resolved, it seems that CB4 Queens will be where Vision Zero initiatives brought forth by the Mayor and DOT must be challenged get for all similar places across the city … we hope this inspires coty-wide action from poorer, neighborhoods of color, that they recognize their rights to safe commutes, and find the power to stand for them.
Cars, bikes and pedestrians all have a part to play in safety on our streets. Creating visible infrastructure like bike lanes and improved and expanded crosswalks could possible educate drivers to the truth that we live in a mulit-modal city.

This roadway is built to outmoded design standards, and is hazardous to the many cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists that use it. We commend DOT for its extensive public outreach and for being open to a wide range of public input, but now is the time to move forward with a safer street design.

For too long, the total priority of car culture in NYC has endangered our residents. We’re talking about nine blocks abutting a park in a poor community with little access to public recreation.

Our efforts and those of the DOT have been exhausted. Yet, despite this three-year struggle that 111th has faced, our community still lacks the protections divvied out to other neighborhoods.

The link between schools and street safety must be direct!

The word was, that the New York Hall of Science would house a hundred seat UPK to open in 2019. What? Having kids cross 111th street without crosswalks or any traffic calming measures? No bike lanes for all the #bikingqueens families? Surely traffic safety would be considered, wouldn’t it?

Without any warning, when school began this year, students and parents of P.S. 28 in Corona found out their yard had been torn out and trailers for new UPK seats were installed just across from NYSCI.

Already hardened to the reality that their school borders 111th street, a road awaiting a DOT recommended safety redesign, families and the surrounding community continue to fight for a safer 111th.

Now in the third year of trying to push Community Board 4 Queens to approve DOT’s plan for 111th.

We’ve come to think that the expression “No-brainer” means that folks making these decisions do so with No brains! By that, we mean that the connection between schools and traffic safety has to be direct and community driven.