Tracking Progress: June 2016


Fatalities. In June, there were three pedestrian fatalities in Queens. The neighbors we lost included:

  • A Pedestrian, killed on June 16 on Whitestone Expressway between 20th Ave. and Linden Place, Flushing (109th Precinct)
  • A Pedestrian, killed on June 17 on Northern Blvd. near 146 Street, Flushing (109th Precinct)
  • Doniqueca (Niiqua) Cooke, 21, Pedestrian, killed on June 30 on Junction Blvd. at the Long Island Expressway (110th Precinct)

In the 12 months ending June 2016, there have been 73 overall traffic fatalities in Queens, down 22% from the 93 people killed in 2013, the Vision Zero benchmark year. Citywide, there has been an 18% decline in fatalities.

Injuries. In the 12 months ending in June 2016, there have been 2,657 pedestrians injured in Queens by motor vehicles, a decline of 5% from the Vision Zero benchmark year, 2013. In the same time, there have been 921 injuries to cyclists, a rise of 12% since 2013. Overall, including motor vehicle occupants, there have been 16,948 people injured in motor vehicle crashes in Queens over the past year, up 9% since 2013. Citywide, there has been a 1% increase in injuries over this time. Across the city, there has been a general upswing in injuries from vehicular crashes in recent months, a pattern that is seen across nearly every borough. This is most likely due to an underlying citywide increase in traffic and/or pedestrian activity.

Enforcement. Overall, while enforcement of speeding, red light running, and not giving right of way to pedestrians remains significantly higher than pre-Vision Zero levels, tickets issued for illegal cell phone use, an important contributor to distracted driving, remains sharply down. Overall, enforcement across all four categories in Queens is up 2% since 2013. Citywide, enforcement is up 19%.

Noteworthy precincts.  Overall, the 109th, 110th and 114th precincts show sharply reduced enforcement relative to 2013, and the 109th and 114th precincts also show significantly increased traffic injuries.  The 100th, 102nd, 104th, 106th, 108th, 112th, and 113th precincts have seen enforcement levels increase more than the citywide average (19%), but of these, only the 100th Precinct has seen traffic injuries decline significantly so far.

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