Tracking Progress: May 2015

Tracker-2015-05Fatalities. There were five traffic fatalities in Queens in May, including two vehicle occupants and three pedestrians. The neighbors we lost included Sincere Atkins, an 8-year-old boy struck by a car in Jamaica; Favhad Chowdhury, a 63-year-old man struck by a car in Astoria; Nfn Loknauth, an 83-year-old man hit by a car in South Ozone Park; and Thomas Rourke, a 23-year-old man who died in a single car crash in Breezy Point. In the 12 months ending May 2015, there have been 82 overall traffic fatalities in Queens, down 12% from the 93 people killed in 2013, the Vision Zero benchmark year. Citywide, there has been a 16% decline in fatalities.

Injuries. In the 12 months ending in May 2015, there have been 2,425 pedestrians injured in Queens by motor vehicles, a decline of 13% from the Vision Zero benchmark year, 2013. In the same time, there have been 822 injuries to cyclists, a rate unchanged since 2013. Overall, including motor vehicle occupants, there have been 14,797 people injured in motor vehicle crashes in Queens over the past year, down 5% since 2013. Citiwide, there has been a 9% reduction in injuries.

Enforcement. Highlights of Vision Zero enforcement in May included citations for red light running in the 106th and 108th Precincts, speeding in the 101st Precinct, and cell phone use in the 104th Precinct.

In some parts of Queens, the overall trend has been toward fewer enforcement actions against driver behaviors that put pedestrians and cyclists at risk, particularly Community Boards 1, 4, 6, 7, and 13. Overall, it appears that Vision Zero traffic enforcement against drivers who speed, run red lights, and fail to yield to pedestrians has peaked and may be on the decline in all five boroughs. Enforcement actions against drivers using handheld cell phones continue to decline sharply. Given the very modest progress that has been made so far in reducing traffic fatalities and injuries, we’re hoping that NYPD can reinvigorate enforcement on all four of these categories before school lets out for the summer.

See our full report here, including results by borough and community board.