Tracking Progress: June 2014


Our monthly summary of Vision Zero progress in Queens appears above.  Some noteworthy observations:

  • June saw a slight slowdown in the pace of pedestrian safety enforcement actions in Queens, relative to May’s more intensive focused enforcement efforts in many precincts.   Failure to Yield to Pedestrians saw a particularly sharp dropoff in enforcement.
  • Year-to-date, enforcement actions for red light running continue to be up slightly since last year, and enforcement actions for speeding and failure to yield to pedestrians continue to be up significantly.
  • Queens is leading the city as a whole in terms of reducing pedestrian/cyclist injuries and fatalities.   It is also leading the city as a whole in terms of increasing enforcement against speeding.   Queens is lagging the city in terms of reducing vehicle occupant injuries and fatalities, and in enforcing failure to stop at signals, failure to yield to pedestrians, and driving while using cell phones.

As before, we don’t recommend drawing strong connections at this stage about changes in injury rates. Vision Zero is about changing the culture, and enforcement, education, and engineering changes will take time to translate into safer behavior. Also, the precincts are doing a lot of hard work on driver education that doesn’t translate directly into tickets issued. We’re tracking progress, but believe we should allow more time before we start drawing conclusions.

More details are available on our Statistics page.

Keeping in mind that the precincts are all starting from different baselines, here are the precincts that are leading the way, relative to their averages for 2012 and 2013: